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Welcome to the web site of the NHJ family and friends. Please help us to keep this updated and growing by sending emails with corrections, further information, data and pictures.  Send your email to



The last updates:

03.05.2004 (see News:  Matthias reports his type of Family Growth)

29.04.2004 (see News:  Magnus 3 Month and "Ships-on-the-Rhein)

17.04.2004 (see News:  Peter & Ingvar accumulating 135 Years)

16.04.2004 (see News:  Lars & Team Building New Home)

08.04.2004 (see News:  Easter Holidays and Photos-Ormalingen)

18.03.2004 (see News:  the Spring arriving and Photos-Basel City)

13.03.2004 (see Photos- Kalvön & Sommarviken - May 2001)

07.03.2004 (see News-Friends and Photos-Basel-Fasnacht)

01.03.2004 (see Photos-Bahamas Galleries-Indigo Island Gallery)

26.02.2004 (see News-Family and Photos-Family Galleries)

08.02.2004 (see Photos-Ormalingen and -Photo Art)

29.01.2004 (see News-Family: Magnus Leif joins the club)

26.01.2004 (see Photos-Ormalingen and -Photo Art)

22.01.2004 (see News-Family)

20.01.2004 (see Photos-Ormalingen)